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The Chevrolet Volt

The Chevrolet Volt, made by General Motors, is a plug-in Hybrid electric vehicle. In Australia and New Zealand, it is sold as the Holden. Styled differently, it is also sold as Vauxhall Ampera in great Britain and as the Opel Ampera in the rest of Europe. It was first sold in the US in mid December 2010 and then other European countries and international markets in 2011. It has been ranked the most fuel efficient vehicle with a gasoline engine sold in the US as of January 2014. It operates primarily as a purely battery electric vehicle until its battery capacity drops to a predetermined threshold. Its internal combustion engine then takes over and powers an electric generator to which extends its range if and when needed.


The 2011 model has lithium-ion battery, charged by plugging the car into any power outlet with a power output between 120 -- 240 VAC using the SAE J1772-compliant charging cord that is provided with no external charging station required. The drivetrain allows the Chevrolet Volt to function as a pure battery electric vehicle until the battery is depleted to a given threshold at which point it starts running on a generator driven by a gasoline engine which keeps the battery at the minimum level charge providing power to the electric motors. The volt's battery runs through the middle of the car and so it only carries four people. For optimal performance and durability of the battery and due to the battery's sensitivity to temperature changes, the Volt has thermal management system to monitor the battery pack temperature. The car has an Onstar mobile application which works like the fleet management systems. This application can help the owner control the vehicle remotely or even when they are inside it. The smartphone application can also checks fuel efficiency and time taken to fully charge the vehicle.


The Chevrolet Volt has a top speed of 160kmh. Running on electric mode only, its 0 -- 97kmh acceleration is 9.2 seconds while when the propulsion is assisted by the gasoline engine, it accelerates to the same speed in 9 seconds. The car can cover between 40 and 80 km on a fully charged battery depending on the terrain, temperature and driving technique. Its energy consumption rate is 810KJkm. On a full tank of gasoline and fully charged battery, it can cover a total of 609.9 km. Its nominal usable battery capacity is 10.3kWh


The 2011 model has 4-wheel anti-lock brakes with traction control, tire pressure monitoring system and 8 airbags. There is also an emergency assist system. In case of a crash, there is a safety-cage built with ultra high-strength steel to keep the space intact. To keep track of the Volt's battery pack in real time, the battery management system runs 500 diagnostics 10 times per second ensuring its safety and optimal performance. All road cars need insurance, this is why insurance is one of the most popular industries world wide. Accidents will alsways happen becasue we are human, but its a good idea to invest money just incase something unexpected happens. Insurance prices are determined by a wide range of criteria. One of these is determining the purpose of the car and how it will be used. 

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The Chevrolet Volt has won several awards such as the green car vision award in 2009, the Green Car of the Year, North American Car of the Year and World Green Car in 2011 and European Car of the Year in 2012.